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Happy New Year 2024
27 December 2023

Make 2024 a Happy New Year By Practising Equanimity!

Let us all make a resolution for 2024, that irrespective of how favourable or unfavourable our outer circumstances are, we will stay equanimous from within, in all situations!

Merry Christmas 2023
25 December 2023

Celebrate Christmas and Experience Everlasting Joy!

Make this Christmas an auspicious one by resolving to understand Akram Vignan, and convey the Christmas messages of peace, love and selfless love every day!

Happy Birthday 2023 Digital Prachar
29 November 2023

Celebrate Niruma’s Birthday with Ecstatic Selfless Joy!

On the 80th anniversary of the birth of Niruma let us truly bestow our gratitude on the jewel of spiritual science.

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