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07 May 2020

The ultimate personification of selfless seva

The celebration of Pujya Deepakbhai’s birthday is a shining inspiration to all mahatmas

16 April 2020

Shree Simandhar Swami the Ultimate Liberator

Lord Simandhar Swami is instrumental in unlocking our worldly bondages

16 April 2020

The Ultimate Easter – Keys to Unlocking Our Salvation

In these current unprecedented times, Easter is hugely significant for us all

Quote of the Day

When no trace of one’s know-how [capable to do something or everything] remains one will be endowed with powers similar to God’s! Then whatever one desires it will come before him.

પોતાની આવડત જેવી કોઈ વસ્તુ રહેશે નહીં ત્યારે ભગવાન જેવી સત્તા ઉત્પન્ન થાય ! એટલે જે ઇચ્છા કરો તે હાજર થાય !

जब खुद की कुशलता जैसी कोई चीज़ नहीं रहेगी तब भगवान जैसी सत्ता उत्पन्न होगी! तब जो भी इच्छा करोगे वह हाज़िर हो जाएगा!

Dada Bhagwan