Harrow Leisure Centre, London
July 2018
29 July 2018

Gurupurnima - thanking the Gnani for showing us the path from the new moon to the Full Moon

So many of us have heard of Gurupurnima but have next to no idea of what it means nor its importance. It is thanks to the clear explanation by the Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan that we can revel in this majestic and auspicious time of the year. It is with the clear understanding of Who am I that we are able to rid the darkness of the new moon and bask in the glorious light of the Full Moon.

This year, a heavenly atmosphere was created right here in the UK, in Harrow Leisure Centre. The hall was decorated like the dazzling starry full moon sky and the qualities of the Gnani written out for all to appreciate. The children had also pulled together a simple way of explaining the key qualities of the Gnani!

Although there were a 1000 mahatmas there, it felt serene. Each and every person had the opportunity of doing puja of Dada and Simandhar Swami. The atmosphere was made even more ideal by the live bhakti group.

The laughter-filled satsang by Aptaputras Devenbhai and Nileshbhai was very uplifting and humbling at the same time. They are ever-ready to share glimpses of their lives with examples of how they have applied this very practical science. This tends to leave us in awe of their total surrender and sincerity.

And what better way to top off the event than finish it with garba! The lyrics bring home the message that it is possible to move from the darkness to full light through simply understanding this very practical science given to us by the Gnani. Gurupurnima - the Gnani will lead us to the full moon, the Pure Soul, within us.