Merry Christmas!

Celebrate Christmas and Spread Goodwill to All

24 December 2022

Many who live around the world will be looking forward to celebrating Christmas with excitement and anticipation! Denoting the life of Jesus Christ, millions celebrate the occasion by sharing presents, being with their families and praying for thankfulness.

The Christmas period is also a time for reflection as it is swiftly followed by the New Year. According to the Bible, when Jesus was born, the archangels announced that the Saviour of the world is born. During his life on earth, Jesus had always laid importance on the virtues of helping others and forgiving others – as a path to eternal salvation.

In line with Jesus Christ’s message, the modern-day spiritual scientist, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the enlightened being who founded Akram Vignan, reiterates, "The only purpose of the human life and its essence is this: to use one’s mind, body and speech for others."

Furthermore, in helping others one does not lose something but in fact, scientific research shows that it increases an individual’s mental well-being and confers happiness. Param Pujya Dadashri says that, "You will not incur any loss or experience any obstacles in life if it is spent serving and obliging others."

Everyone can help someone every day. Whether this is by bestowing authentic compliments or gratitude or something more substantial, the positive impact is enduring. And if one is unable to directly, they can do so by praying for the well-being of the other person. Even this might create a profound impact on the lives of others.

So, during this Christmas, let’s all heartily play the role of Santa Claus and spread festive joy and mirth by helping others however we can.

Merry Christmas 2022!