30 March 2021

Let Easter provide us with the invaluable gift of Akram Vignan

During Easter as millions enjoy their holidays and Christians commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, their Saviour, let us all embrace the gift of Gnan (Self-realisation), the resurrection of the True Self, bestowed by the spiritual science, Akram Vignan.

The founder of Akram Vignan, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, was an auspicious enlightened being who dedicated his earthly life selflessly in achieving the salvation for the entire world. He showed humanity a simple and a step-free path to attain ultimate liberation (moksha) by realising the Self within them - their pure Soul.

This process of Self-realisation is the golden key to unlocking liberation for all of humanity. Having gained awakened awareness of the resurrection of the pure soul within you, those that continue to vigorously pursue Purusharth (spiritual progress) by following the five Agnas will experience inner bliss, the sense of non-doership and the appreciation that all beings are flawless.

Central to the spiritual science and the five Agnas is the steadfast intention not to hurt consciously or unconsciously, any living being by thought, speech or deed.

So, during this Easter, let us all join the UK Virtual shibir with Pujyashree Deepakbhai, and make an unwavering conviction to not squander the gift of Akram Vignan bequeathed to us but instead recommit ourselves to its goals!