18 March 2021

Emulate pure love on the anniversary of Pujya Niruma’s Punyatithi

Fifteen years ago, on March 19th, the embodiment of pure love, Pujya Niruma, sadly left her mortal body. Her legacy on this earth was phenomenal: to the thousands whom were blessed to have witnessed Pujya Niruma, she personified the true nature of love, electrifying and inspiring all those that came in touch with her. Her very presence dissipated problems, instead bathing all with comfort, happiness and inner peace.

Niruma was bequeathed with the divine gift of Self- realisation by the founder of the spiritual science himself, the enlightened being, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan. From that moment on, until her last breath on this earth, she devoted her auspicious time selflessly and unconditionally to the cause of Akram Vignan – the salvation of humanity. Following Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan’s departure on this earth, she was appointed as the touch bearer of Akram Vignan. Tirelessly and without abandon she surrendered to this mission, travelling the world, lighting the candle of Self-realisation in every Soul that wanted to, transforming thousands.

In the auspicious words of Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan: “Real love is divine. Real love begins the moment one begins to understand one’s Real Self (the Soul).” But where can one find such real love in this day and age?... You will find it from the Gnani Purush or from His ‘followers’ (mahatmas).” In her final message, Niruma, the mother to the world, requested one thing: “to live with love. Promise?” Such a simple but powerful and profound request.

Thus, on this anniversary, let us all have the steadfast intent to honour her promise and experience the miraculous transformation in our lives.