The Journey to Dada Darshan Leicester

21 November 2020

Introducing for the first time, Dada Darshan Leicester!

Let us take a look into the journey leading up to this much awaited milestone event…

Over the years, Mahatma’s were searching for a suitable building for Leicester Dada Centre. In 2015, during Pujyashree’s UK tour, Leicester team received his permission and blessings for a Leicester Centre. A building committee was formed to take forward the search. Mahatmas did Dada Bhagwan na Aseem Jai Jai Kar in the weekly satsangs from then onwards, putting positive vibrations for this bhaav to be fulfilled.

In the past 5 years, the committee looked at approximately 50 potential properties. Finally, in May 2020 the committee came across the Royce Institute property. Royce Institute was already used as a place of worship and for community activities. The location is quite central for all Midlands mahatmas too. It was established that this would be an ideal centre for Leicester Mahatma’s and would accommodate all activities simultaneously with the generous facilities on offer. Approval was received from Vatsalya, and the committee proceeded with the formalities of purchasing the property.

The keys to the property were received on 22nd October 2020, making Navratri 2020 even more memorable! A short Pujan and Vidhi was done along with the placing of Simandhar Swami Pratima, photos of Trimandir and Dada & Niruma.

Dusshera, Sunday 25th October 2020, will have special meaning for Leicester and UK mahatmas. Pujyashree, along with the whole of Sankul gave a surprise appearance during the Navratri Virtual Garba event. With Pujyashree’s blessings, the centre was named “Dada Darshan Leicester”. As part of a virtual Opening Ceremony, a short skit was presented by Leicester mahatmas to showcase the history of satsangs in Leicester and Midlands, along with a virtual ribbon cutting ceremony video. Due to the restrictions on social gatherings, 6 Leicester Mahatmas and 2 youth (dressed up as Dada and Niruma) carried out the Opening Ceremony in person on behalf of all the Leicester and UK Mahatmas.

UK Mahatmas virtually joined the small group of Leicester Mahatmas at Dada Darshan Leicester in doing Garba to a new pad specially written and composed in UK for this auspicious occasion – “Dadano Danko Vagyo”. It was sung by a professional singer in India who coincidently used to live in Leicester! The pad was created and ready in 3 days! Truly Akram style!

It is with the bhaav and contributions of countless Nimits (instruments), which made this event successful. Most importantly, it is with the blessings of Swami, Dada, Niruma, Pujyashree and Devi Devos that this dream has become a reality.

All Leicester and Midlands mahatmas, young and old, are super excited about having their own new centre and cannot wait, until it is physically possible, to use the facilities and do lots of (‘dhamdhokar’ in Pujyashree’s words!) Jagat Kalyan activities.