11 November 2020

In these darkened times, celebrate Diwali and illuminate the joy within you!

In these darkened times, celebrate Diwali and illuminate the joy within you! The advent of Diwali, representing the celebration of the conquest of light over darkness – of Ram conquering Ravana – has never been so apt in these uncertain times. The despair which has descended over the world has filled us all with uncertainty and anxiety for ourselves, our loved ones and indeed for the fate of the entire planet.

But just as Ram shone his beacon of light over the depths of darkness in Ravana, as we celebrate Diwali and light our diyas in our homes, we should strive to ignite the spark of hope and joy within us. By unshackling our worries and anxieties, asking for forgiveness from all those that we have hurt consciously or unconsciously, we can illuminate our hearts with joy and hope rather than despair and despondency.

But how do we ensure that this spark of lightness ignited during Diwali resides within us, as an eternal flame? The key to unlocking permanent internal bliss and happiness irrespective of what happens to us or around us lies in the right understanding and ultimate knowledge of who we are: the knowledge of the Self. This gift of Self-realisation is embodied in the Spiritual Science, Akram Vignan, founded by the Self-realised Gnani Puresh Pujya Dada Bhagwan.

Today, the current living torch-bearer of Akram Vignan, Pujya Shree Deepakbhai has been blessed with the ability to grant all that desire to, the awareness of Self-realisation: the golden key to inner constant bliss.
So, as we celebrate Diwali this year, let us light a permanent flame in our hearts, one that remains undiminished throughout our lives and serves as a beacon of radiant joy and understanding to the whole of humanity.