Pujya Niruma – the embodiment of selfless love

18 March 2020

Remember “The Mother of the World” this Mothering Sunday

On this Mothering Sunday, as we celebrate our own beloved mothers, let us light a candle for Pujya Niruma – the embodiment of selfless love.

Pujya Niruma attained such extraordinary spiritual heights that she was chosen by the enlightened auspicious Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the founder of Akram Vignan, to be the torchbearer for this spiritual foundation after he left his mortal body. Pujya Dada Bhagwan said to Her, “This Niruben is a great instrument for the world’s salvation. Niruben, you will have to become ‘The mother to the whole world’.”

This was an unprecedented honour. As the torchbearer of Akram Vignan, Pujya Niruma graced thousands upon thousands of seekers for many years, nurturing them to fully realise whom they really are so that they could be liberated from the endless cycle of birth and rebirth.

Those that had the fortune to meet her remarked on her exceptional capacity for unconditional love, free from judgement or expectation. She was the embodiment of maternal compassion and sacrificed all she had for us all.

In fact, as we celebrate and embrace our own mothers, cherish the mother that resides within us all: Pujya Niruma.