Self-less love is the essence of true love

Valentines Day
12 February 2020

Self-less love is the essence of true love

14th February is Valentine’s Day. No longer is this day a celebration to honour Saint Valentine but is a global day of cherishing our loved ones, especially partners, spouses and children.

On this day ask yourself whether the romantic love you have for your partner or the love for any member of your family is pure love.

Ask yourself:

Do you love them unconditionally?

Do you love them irrespective of what they do, their faults, their habits, their appearance? Does your partner or your children exist to make you look good and do you want them to be like you? Isn’t this putting conditions on your love? The essence of unconditional love is loving them for what they are and what they are not.

Do you love them with no expectations?

Does your love for them change if they forget your birthday or fail to get that gift you really wanted? How do you react when this happens? Do you compare them with others and unconsciously find them lacking or falling short, and therefore your love for them reduces? Conversely, if they exceed your expectations do you swell up with pride?

How do you recognise pure love?

If you have answered yes to both these questions it is only then that you have found the essence of selfless love. It is pure as it is entirely independent of what the person does and whom they are. It is constant, unwavering and without conditions.

To experience selfless love in your everyday life with the people you love, look to find a living Gnani, a fully enlightened being. A Gnani dwells in abode of self-less love, they view the entire world without faults. “Where there is love, there are no faults. Where the love of give-and-take arises, all faults will be seen there” Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan.

This selfless love is a powerful love that can be discovered in all human beings. It is a love that transcends expectations, conditions, faults, etc. Imagine a world brimming with selfless love. That is the true goal for humanity. It is possible to change our ways and spread this selfless love.

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