New Decade, New You!

January 2020
30 December 2019

As we enter the new year, and indeed a new decade, what resolutions will you make?

As we enter the new year, and indeed a new decade, what resolutions will you make? Will they be the usual ones of being healthier, being kinder, going for the new job, doing something on your bucket list? Or are you one of those to consciously decide not to make a resolution, but will still want to change something in your life? In short, we will make a decision of some sort that will lead us to be happier than we are today.

Haven’t we done this time and time again? This is not necessarily because we have failed at keeping our resolutions during the year, but fundamentally because it is never enough!

So, just as one trades in the current version of the mobile ‘phone for the upgraded version, we are all trying to constantly change ourselves to make our lives better and thus to be happier. And of course, this continuous quest for “upgrading” does not stop at ourselves but also at our attempt to change our children, our spouse or our family: richer, cleverer, healthier, version 10, version 11 and so on.

So how can we make a New Year’s resolution that really does bring us constant happiness?

Anything we do to change ourselves on a material level will never make us content on a permanent basis. Just as a new version for a mobile ‘phone is fun for a period of time and after some time we will grow tired of it and seek something better and faster. Hence, how do we find happiness which lasts longer, is never followed by unhappiness and finally is not dependent on material or worldly factors? This is only possible by changing ourselves internally in order to find a deep sense of serenity. This can be achieved by undertaking a spiritual detox!

Key elements of a spiritual detox

  • Meditate and reflect on who you are and the reason for your existence;
  • Recognise your true purpose on earth lies in helping and serving others;
  • Have a genuine intent to not hurt anyone by thought, action or speech;
  • If you do harm anyone, say a little prayer to ask for forgiveness;
  • Instead of looking at other people’s faults look at your own! Notice how your actions are driven by anger, pride, deceit or greed; and
  • Accept whatever happens to you (good or bad) and move on.

The beauty of a spiritual detox is that it is free, you can start immediately and there is nothing to set up! You just need to have a deep inner intent to really change internally.

Thus, the choice is entirely yours – either carry on chasing this material happiness – or kick start the decade with a “new” internally changed you. The choice is yours.

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