Dada Darshan
September 2018
03 September 2018

Janmashtami, the auspicious celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna, the symbol of righteousness.

Janmashtami, an auspicious celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna, the symbol of righteousness. He gave Arjun the Knowledge of the Self on the Mahabharat battlefield. This enabled Arjun to fight the war against evil without charging any karma.

Entering Dada Darshan on this wonderful evening, one thought came to mind - how can one experience such separation and overcome the inner evil (anger-pride-deceit-greed) in life? The hall was full of people of all ages who had come to celebrate this event, and very likely had similar questions in their minds.

Thanks to modern technology, we watched the live events unfolding in India. This year, Pujyashree was lifted on a platform to do the matki-fod (breaking the symbolic clay pot full of cream) and distribute chocolates in all directions. As the clock struck midnight in India, Pujyashree welcomed the baby Krishna by rocking the cradle.

The celebration in the UK continued with live Bhakti by our Akram Bhatki Group. All our little mahatmas joined in as well - the girls were the Gopis, dancing to the music and the boys were ready to do the matki-fod at Dada Darshan. Mahatmas all joined in with the singing and garba, and giving Baby Krishna's cradle a rock.

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Taking the prasad of Misri and maakhan (special sweet and cream), one felt a peace and tranquility that comes from a sense of the troubles subsiding. If celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna gives one such peace, how incredible will his teachings be. And these have been made even simplier to understand by Dada. Alas, the evening came to an end, but all resolved to continue on the journey of fighting the evil within.